Welcome to the Evil Apples for Android Beta program! This page tells you how to join the Evil Apples Beta program to get new features before anyone else.

There are 4 steps required to become a beta tester:
  1. Go to the Evil Apples Beta Community group on Google+.
  2. Join the group by clicking the big red "Join community" button in the upper-right of the page.
  3. After you have joined the Community, go to the Evil Apples Testing Page and sign up to be an Evil Apples for Android Beta Tester.
  4. After you have signed up to be a Beta Tester AND you have joined the Google+ Community linked above, download the game from the Evil Apples Play Store page.
Remember: If you join the Beta program, you will receive versions of Evil Apples that still have some rough edges, bugs, and missing features. We will constantly be improving the App and building in all the features you may have seen on iPhone, and you will get all the normal updates via the Play Store as they come out (in addition to beta updates).