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Leah Lamarr Takes on Mobile Gaming: A Fresh Twist of Humor with Evil Apples

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2024 - In an exciting new collaboration, Leah Lamarr, the multifaceted actress, comedian, and producer, has signed on as a content writer for Evil Apples, the provocative adult card game developed by Evil Studios Limited. This partnership marks a significant fusion of top-tier comedic talent with one of the most innovative names in mobile gaming.

“Leah’s background in stand-up comedy adds a unique and vibrant layer to the content of Evil Apples,” says Mitch Leggs, CEO of Evil Studios Limited. “Her sharp wit and originality are invaluable assets that will enrich the gaming experience for our players.”

Leah Lamarr’s Rise in Comedy, Television, and Venture Into Mobile Gaming

Known for her incisive humor and captivating stage presence, Leah Lamarr has established herself as an internationally touring comedian, sharing the stage with Dane Cook, Whitney Cummings, Bill Burr and Nikki Glaser among others. Her television credits have included being a recurring host on E!'s What the Fashion and recurring appearances on HBO’s LaffTracks, earning acclaim for her ability to extract humor from a wide range of topics. Venturing into mobile gaming through Evil Apples, she further showcases her versatility and creative acumen.

“I’m thrilled to contribute my brand of comedy to a game that’s known for its edgy and offbeat content. It’s a perfect match,” says Leah Lamarr. “This collaboration offers a fun and unique opportunity to share my humor with a new audience through a fresh medium.”

About Evil Studios Limited

Founded in 2013, Evil Studios Limited has consistently redefined the gaming landscape with its commitment to crafting mature and hilariously engaging mobile games. Evil Apples, alongside its sister game Evil Minds, has garnered immense popularity, breaking download records and establishing a new standard in adult mobile gaming.


Mitchell Leggs

CEO, Evil Studios Limited


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